CDC allocates £200,000 for community projects

Release date: 19 October 2017

Photo - Leader of the Council Cllr Mark Annett

Members of Cotswold District Council have today agreed to allocate £200,000 to a long-standing Community Projects Fund which helps local residents update community buildings and invest in play facilities for children.

The scheme awards projects sums ranging from £1,000 to £10,000 on the basis that the CDC grant would constitute up to 25% of a project’s total cost.  However, experience shows that these grants could be much more valuable because they often enable bidders to attract further contributions to the costs from various charitable sources.  Based on previous funding, the Council estimates that an allocation of £200,000 should meet demand over the next four years.

Commenting on the decision, Council Leader Cllr Mark Annett said:

“We were very pleased to approve £200,000 for this admirable scheme.  It means we can invest in much needed community assets such as village and community halls, and help retain thriving community hubs across the District.  Local residents benefit from upgraded facilities which are more sustainable.  Without further investment by the Council there is a huge risk that much needed community projects would struggle to find financial support, and I am sure that this new allocation of funding will be welcomed across the District.”

For more information about eligibility criteria for the Community Projects Fund, and the related application process, please see /media/1541704/September-2017-criteria-for-applications.pdf


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