Street cleansing

The Council is responsible for keeping its own land and public highways clear of litter and refuse. The streets are cleaned on a rota basis but we will carry out an emergency clean-up if necessary.

We empty litter bins, dog waste bins regularly and will clear fly-tipped (dumped) waste after it has been checked for evidence. We will arrange collection of dead animals from the highway. Please:

We also are responsible for grass cutting in some places - for details please:

For problems with road maintenance and street lighting, please contact Gloucestershire County Council:


The illegal dumping of any kind of rubbish from black bags to builders' rubble (fly tipping),is a crime. We investigate all fly tipping on public or private land, but can only clear fly tips from public land.  Landowners have to clear their own land.

Report flytipping


Flyposting is the illegal and unauthorised placing of any sign, poster or sticker advertising or promoting an event or commercial activity. The owner of the surface that is defaced by the advert is responsible for removing flyposting. e.g road signs are the property of Gloucester County Council Highways, green street boxes may be telecom fixtures. We will remove flyposting from Council property

Report fly-posting


Graffiti is criminal damage as well as an offensive sight. Offenders are dealt with by the police.

If graffiti is removed quickly it can stop repeat attacks. To prevent graffiti on your property, you could consider using a trellis on a wall and growing plants such as ivy. There are a range of  graffiti removal products on the market that suitable for small scale graffiti if your property has been defaced.

Report graffiti



Dropping litter and leaving it is an offence as is throwing litter from a vehicle including cigarette butts. Officers can issue a fixed penalty notice for offences or prosecute, the Fixed Penalty fine is £75. If you witness an offence, please

Street litter bins or dog waste

To request a new bin, contact your local parish/town council who can make a request to us.

Report litter bin overflowing

Report a litter problem

Report dog bin overflowing


Community clean-up

Cotswold District Council welcomes the support of residents in helping to keep the Cotswolds clean.

We can provide you with sacks and gloves and lend you litter pickers and high-visibility tabards to help with your community clean-up. For further details please:

To arrange a community clean-up please call 01285 623000

Dead animals

The Council will remove large dead animals (badgers, cats, deer, dogs, foxes, sheep, swans) from public areas.

We do not collect:

  • birds small animals - birds, rabbits, hedgehogs, rats or squirrels.
  • dead animals from private property, this is the responsibility of the landowner.

Report a dead animal

Road maintenance and street lighting

For problems relating to road maintenance and street lighting, contact Gloucestershire County Council by:

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Look up your:

  • Bin collection dates
  • Nearest planning applications
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