Local Plan Examination Documents

Examination Documents 'ED'

Documents and correspondence prepared and/or submitted in relation to the examination of the submitted Local Plan:  

ED001 Procedure Practice for the Examination of Local Plans (Jun 2016, Pins) 

ED002 Inspector's Guidance Note for Participants (July 2017) 

ED003 PO's initial letter to representors (July 2017) 

ED004 Inspector's Preliminary Questions to the Council (July 2017) 

ED005 Council's Responses to Inspector's Preliminary Questions (28.7.17)

ED006 Inspector's Further Preliminary Questions to the Council (July 2017) 

ED007 Inspector's Note to the Council on Neighbourhood Plans (August 2017) - Council have confirmed responses will be provided by end of September 2017.

ED008 Council's Responses to Inspector's Further Preliminary Questions (10.8.17) 

ED009 Council's Summary of Main Issues Report for Inspector (17.8.17) 

ED010A Inspector's Supplementary Question on Housing Supply (22.8.17) & Council's Response (23.8.17) - this version supersedes earlier version (ED010)

ED011 Omission Sites by Settlement (August 2017):

ED012 LP REVISED Hearing Sessions Programme & Timetable (Insp. revised 12.09.17) 

ED013 Inspector's LP Matters, Issues & Questions for Examination (revised 30.8.17) 

ED014 Documents re Land South of Chesterton submitted by Bathurst Developments Ltd:

ED015 Inspector's Supplementary Question MIQ33A in relation to DCLG Housing Consultation (19.09.17)




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