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Household notification letter

We send household notification letters to all residential properties to ensure the records we hold are correct.  The letter lists individuals who are currently registered to vote at your address.

There is no need to respond to the household notification letter, unless voter details at your address have changed.

Apply for a Postal or Proxy Vote

If you are unable to get to your polling station to vote in the Elections on the 6 May or would just prefer to vote another way, you can request a postal or a proxy (someone to vote on your behalf) application form:

Apply to vote by postal or proxy

You can also inform us by calling 01285 623002.

If names are missing

Anyone living at your property, who is eligible to register to vote and not listed on the letter can apply online:

Register to vote online

A paper registration form can be issued by calling 01285 623002.

Make changes

To make changes to remove someone who is no longer living at your address:

Make changes online

You can also inform us by calling 01285 623002.