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Budget consultation

We are consulting on our proposed budget for the 2021 to 2022 financial year. The findings will be shared with councillors before they make decisions on the budget at a meeting of the whole Council on 24 February 2021. 

We have now closed the online survey. The consultation was open for feedback between Wednesday 4 November to Friday 11 December. 

Our budget proposals

Climate change

£750,000 towards addressing climate change. Kickstarting our action plan to make the Cotswold district “green to the core”. Including:

  • encouraging residents to switch to electric vehicles by delivering charging points 
  • Reviewing our use of offices and buildings as large numbers of staff continue working from home
  • identifying opportunities to use our land and property to support our climate strategy by generating green energy
  • supporting climate action taken by our communities and local businesses

Local Plan

£740,000 over the next three years towards reviewing our local plan. To ensure any new development suits the needs of our communities, and protects our landscapes and heritage.


£35,000 each year to continue our fight against fly-tipping.

Green transport options

£100,000 over two years to plan and develop better, greener transport options, including cycle and walking routes and innovative bus options.

Recovery investment strategy

£350,000 over three years to fund our Recovery Investment Strategy which aims to make the money we have go further and maximising our support in Covid 19 recovery. We will invest in:

  • specialist skills and expert advice on how we can invest in economic recovery
  • giving our workforce access to training to build skills and knowledge fit for the new working environment created by Covid 19
  • giving access to property for new businesses to start up in a green and sustainable way
  • enabling the production of new truly green energy supplies and delivering additional social housing

Open space review

£25,000 towards championing a review of Open Space. Working with housebuilders and residents on good maintenance of public open space on their estates.

Support for people with complex needs

£23,000 towards helping individuals with complex needs, that are facing homelessness to access secure accommodation and support. 

How we will pay for this plan

In order to pay for these investments, meet funding challenges and provide financial resilience,we need to increase revenues. We plan to do this in three key areas:

Increasing Council Tax

Council Tax rates in the Cotswold district are historically low. For every £100 residents spend on Council Tax,we get £7.40 (the national average for district councils is £11).

An increase of £5 a year for the average household (Band D) works out as just 10p a week. Our Local Council Tax Support Scheme means this rise will not be paid by those on the lowest incomes.

Setting our fees and charges at commercial rates

We charge for many of our services, for example, car parking, planning advice and garden waste collection.  Where these services provide a direct benefit to users, in most cases we will charge as if we were a private company, covering our costs as a minimum.

This is based on the principle that those services which do not benefit all residents should not be subsidised by other taxpayers. Where we choose to charge less than the market rate, councillors will give clear reasons for their decision. 

Recovery Investment Strategy 

As well as charging for many services as if we were a private company, we want to make a better return on the money we have. To do this we will:

  • invest in developing the local economy (including help for local businesses to recover from Covid-19) and in green technologies 
  • work to deliver housing for local people at rents they can afford
  • work with partner councils and contractors to make our services more efficient

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