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Our Cotswolds, Our Plan

Our ambition

‘To tackle some of the big challenges faced by our residents while providing a good level of key services.’

Our Plan sets out the Council’s ambition and priorities, up to 2028. This Plan replaces the 2020 Corporate Plan, and its 2022 update. It stays true to the goals of that Plan, but reflects on the challenges we have faced since 2020, and the ongoing challenges facing local government.

Our priorities

We will do this by:

  • Delivering good services
  • Responding to the climate emergency
  • Delivering housing
  • Supporting communities
  • Supporting the economy

You can read our updated Plan here, and the supporting Action Plan, which details the activities that will deliver on our ambition and priorities:

LGA peer review 2022

As a council we are always open to feedback on how we can improve so in October 2022 we asked the Local Government Association to run one of their peer reviews, where councillors and officers from other councils come and visit and give an independent assessment of how the council operates. It is good practice to have one of these reviews every 3-4 years and the report is intended to point out what is working well and also where the council can continue to improve to deliver for local residents. We see this as a valuable exercise to help us do the best we can for the district.

The peer review report was published for the Full Council meeting on 18 January 2023 and we welcomed its findings. The report highlighted a number of areas where we have made good improvements since the last review, and we have developed an action plan to address the areas where they think we can continue to get better.