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What we delivered with your Council Tax in 2021

As your District Council we only receive 7% of your Council Tax bill to deliver over 50 services including waste collections, planning, supporting communities and many others. 

We don't deliver other council services such as road maintenance (including potholes), libraries, adult social care, education and children's services which are all delivered by the county council which is a separate organisation.

Services we delivered

Below are some of the key figures for the services we delivered in the Cotswold District last year:

  • We cleared 855 fly-tips
  • We emptied 8.5 million containers from over 43,500 homes, 
  • Supported over 3,900 people with benefits claims
  • Removed 198 abandoned vehicles
  • Supported 374 local events
  • We provided litter picking equipment to 30 litter hubs across the district
  • Successfully found 15 lost dogs and returned them to their owners
  • Carried out over 3600 building control inspections
  • We’ve supported business by providing £160,000 funding as part of the Welcome Back Fund. 
  • Our customer services team have answered 112,000 enquiries
  • We’ve emptied our litter and dogs bins 2,200 times every week
  • We have cleansed 936km of roadside gutters
  • Given out over £229,000 in financial support for people self isolating
  • Inspected 29 dangerous buildings
  • Processed over 2,500 planning applications (a significant rise from last year)
  • Updated our Moreton Area Centre to reduce carbon emissions
  • Supported 60 households through the Warm and Well Scheme 
  • Over 339,000 activity sessions have taken place at our leisure centres
  • Over 100 affordable homes are due to be completed by the end of the financial year
  • Supported 102 families who were at risk of becoming homeless

Progress on other projects

Over the past year alone we have made great progress on a number of incredible projects, including: 

  • The publication of the nationally recognised net zero carbon toolkit to make homes of the future environmentally friendly
  • The launch of our Clean and Green Cotswolds programme, enabling new and innovative ways to work with communities, businesses and residents to maintain and improve the Cotswolds
  • Our review of the Local Plan has started to make it green to the core and help make sure all future development considers our environment
  • We have launched OpenPortal, allowing residents and businesses to access their Council Tax and Business Rates accounts online
  • Over 100 affordable homes will have been built this financial year
  • We have achieved all of this while also supporting our communities and businesses through the Covid-19 pandemic
  • We have issued over £70 million of grants to businesses in our District.
  • We have also supported businesses to adapt by working with the Local Enterprise Partnership to provide £60,000 of funding to help businesses improve their digital presence and used £160,000 of Welcome Back Funding to provide training and other support
  • To help our residents, we have given out £229,000 in financial support for people self-isolating and from April we will issue the £150 Council Tax rebate to support those households living in homes in Council Tax bands A to D with their energy bills

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