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Request a bin or recycling container

You do not need to order a new blue bag for cardboard, or a new outdoor food waste bin. These will be delivered in the next few weeks as part of the changes to your waste and recycling.

You can request a new bin, blue bag, food waste caddy or recycling box if:

  • you have just moved in
  • your current bin or box has been stolen
  • your bin or box is damaged
request a new bin or box

Make sure that you say which type of container you need and how many. You can use this form to request more than one type. 

If you are able to collect your new bin or box then you can call into one of our offices.

Delivery will be made within four weeks.

Extra wheelie bins and beige sacks

Families with five or more permanent residents may be eligible for an additional bin.

Families with children under four still in nappies can have an extra supply of beige sacks.

Contact us if you would like to request additional bins or beige sacks.

If you don’t meet the criteria for extra rubbish collections you can buy more beige sacks from us for 84 pence each. They are available from one of the council offices.

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