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Apply for or change designated premises supervisor

A designated premises supervisor (DPS) is the person with the day-to-day responsibility for running the business.

All businesses and organisations selling or supplying alcohol, except members clubs and certain community premises must have a DPS.

The DPS must also have a personal licence.


If your premises does not need a DPS, you can apply to remove the requirement for one. This includes members clubs and certain community premises, like village halls.

The management committee will then be responsible for alcohol sales.

You can disapply the DPS with a new premises licence application or with a variation to an existing premises licence.


£23 to vary or remove a designated premises supervisor.

How to apply

The guidance includes more information on the eligibility criteria, fees and the documentation you’ll need.

Specify an individual as a DPS Disapply a DPS Request to be removed as a DPS Apply for consent to be a DPS

Right to work and immigration status - Immigration Act 2016

To hold a licence, you must live in the UK. You must also provide proof that you:

  • have a right to work in the UK
  • have no conditions that stop you doing the licenced activity

You must include copies, or scanned copies of these documents:

What happens next

Your application should take effect immediately or on the future date specified in your application. We’ll send you a revised premises licence and licence summary.

If the local chief officer of police has any objections, they must inform us within 14 days. We’ll then hold a hearing to determine the outcome.