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Food sustainability

Improving and delivering food sustainability is critical as it benefits all our communities and the planet. When delivered, it provides affordable, healthy, and nutritious food for all, whilst protecting and supporting our environmental, economic, and social structures, now and in the future. 

At Cotswold District Council, to help support this objective, we have appointed a new role; Community Support Officer – Food Sustainability. This post (which began in December 2023) will work in close partnership with key organisations, such as Feeding Gloucestershire to help influence sustainable change. The role also includes engaging with the local voluntary and community sector, for example, to help enable and support new initiatives including those that reduce food waste and improve access to good quality, nutritious and affordable food for everyone. 

Cotswold Food Network  Cotswold Food Network

An important part of this food sustainability work is focused on the development of a district-wide Cotswold Food Network, to which Cotswold District Council is committing £40,000 from 2024 to 2026. 

Led by Feeding Gloucestershire and Cotswold District Council with work priorities directed by a ‘membership’ of groups, organisations and individuals, Cotswold Food Network’s (CFN) aim is to improve food sustainability in the district.

The CFN’s work activity could relate potentially to all aspects of food sustainability, which is extremely wide ranging. However, as it’s directed by its membership partners, two of its initial key priorities are focusing on supporting community food growing initiatives and understanding and improving financial inclusion for local communities. 


Community food growing guidance

Aimed at community food growing organisations in the Cotswolds, in spring 2024, the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group have compiled two informative concise guidance leaflets:  

Crowdfund Cotswold 

Crowdfund Cotswold is a funding tool that enables community and charitable organisations to seek pledges of money for their projects, using crowdfunding as a method.

In addition, if the organisation achieves its crowdfunding target (and its project meets the council's criteria), Cotswold District Council will increase the funding by up to 40%, to a maximum of £10,000. 

Spacehive is the digital platform for the programme and there is more guidance and information about how this works below:

Cotswold Connected community and food programme

The funding for this programme has now been awarded to successful applicants and therefore we are unable to accept any new applications. 

The aim is to improve the resilience of the community as a whole, promoting equality and diversity instead of highlighting inequalities, people caring for each other no matter their background and sharing of resources.

Find out more:


One of the Cotswold Food Network’s (CFN) key objectives is to support groups and organisations by facilitating events for and with them.

CFN is currently (2024) facilitating a series of events on community growing and on financial inclusion. If you would like to find out more about any of CFN’s events, please use the contact details below.

Contact and more information

For any food sustainability related enquiries, please contact: