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Manage your online account

You can use the button below to manage your Council Tax and Business Rates accounts online.

Manage your account online

Paperless Council Tax and Business Rates billing

Using your account reference number and the online key at the bottom of your latest bill, you can sign up to receive your future Council tax and Business Rates bills by email which:

  • Is environmentally friendly
  • Is faster than delivery by post
  • Means all named parties can receive their own copy of their bill
  • Means you can access and print copies of your bills 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Saves us money on printing and postage costs 

View your Council Tax online

With your account reference number and online key, you can also do the following online:

  • View a property’s band and annual charge
  • View previous bills and recovery notices
  • Inform us of a change of address
  • Register to pay your Council Tax by direct debit
  • Apply for a single person discount
  • Change your contact details

If you don’t have your online key, please:

  • email Local Tax team and we will send you a new bill with a new online key so you can access your account.

View benefit claim details

With your current claim reference and national insurance number, benefit customers can also view:

  • your current entitlement
  • the date of your next payment
  • the amount due to be paid