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Litter, street cleaning and dog fouling

Litter and street cleaning

We are getting lots of reports of overflowing bins due to an increase in dog walkers because of Coronavirus. If you see an overflowing bin please take your rubbish and dog waste home with you if possible.

One of our top priorities is to maintain and protect the environment as one of the best places to live, work and visit so we take litter collection and street cleaning very seriously. Having a limited budget, Cotswold District is split into the following cleansing zones which are cleaned all year round by a litter collection crew:

Zone Cleaning Schedule Type of Area
1 Cleaned everyday manually and cleaned once a week using a mechanical sweep Town centres
2 Cleaned once a month using a mechanical sweeper Just outside town centres 
3 Cleaned twice a year using a mechanical sweeper Villages which have a higher footfall so more litter and mess
4-7 Litter picked on an ad hoc basis dependent on need Arterial roads with few or no dwellings

This is supported by litter picks organised by local residents and town and parish councils as part of the Keep the Cotswolds Clean initiative. We regularly empty litter bins and dog waste bins, to request a new bin, contact your local parish or town council who can make a request to us.

Report an overflowing litter or dog waste bin

Dog fouling

Dog fouling is a serious issue. It is unpleasant for other members of the public and can cause serious illness. Complaints will be investigated, offenders will be prosecuted. It is helpful if you can tell us the time, date and place it happened and the name and address of the person.

Report dog fouling

Fixed penalties

The Cotswold District Council Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO), makes it an offence if you do not remove any poo deposited by your dog. This removal must be done without delay.

The order, made under the Anti- Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, applies to all public, open, land in the District whether or not warning signs are displayed. The PSPO also requires dog walkers to carry the means to pick up dog poo whilst on a walk.

Any breach of the Order could result in a £100 fixed penalty notice or being taken to court and receiving a fine on conviction of up to £1000.

The PSPO does not apply to blind or partially-sighted people with guide dogs and those with other trained assistance dogs for specific disabilities.

Bag it and bin it

  • Use a plastic bag to pick up your dogs mess – ‘poop scoop’ bags are ideal
  • Put it in a designated dog bin or double bag it or put it in a normal litter bin - or take it home, double bag it and put in with your refuse.
  • Remember to wash your hands as soon as possible.

The NHS website has details of Toxocariasis, the disease that can cause blindness, especially in children.


Dropping litter and leaving it is an offence as is throwing litter from a vehicle including cigarette butts. Officers can issue a fixed penalty notice for offences or prosecute, the Fixed Penalty fine is £75. If you witness an offence, please

Report littering

See also Fly tipping


Flyposting is the illegal and unauthorised placing of any sign, poster or sticker advertising or promoting an event or commercial activity. The owner of the surface that is defaced by the advert is responsible for removing flyposting. e.g road signs are the property of Gloucester County Council Highways, green street boxes may be telecom fixtures. We will remove flyposting from council property

Report fly posting


Graffiti is criminal damage as well as an offensive sight. Offenders are dealt with by the police. If graffiti is removed quickly it can stop repeat attacks. To prevent graffiti on your property, you could consider using a trellis on a wall and growing plants such as ivy. There are a range of  graffiti removal products on the market that suitable for small scale graffiti if your property has been defaced.

Report graffiti

Dead animals

We remove large dead animals (badgers, cats, deer, dogs, foxes, sheep, swans) from public areas and local roads.

We do not collect:

  • birds small animals - birds, rabbits, hedgehogs, rats or squirrels
  • dead animals from a private property - this is the responsibility of the landowner
Report a dead animal

Community clean-up

We welcome the support of residents in helping to keep the Cotswolds clean. To arrange a community clean-up please get in contact. We are currently unable to lend out equipment, in line with Covid 19 guidance, but we are still arranging for the collection of completed litter picks. See our guidance document below for more details.

Road maintenance and street lighting

To report a problem with road maintenance or street lighting, visit Gloucestershire County Council's website or call them on 08000 514514.

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