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Noise and other nuisances

Problems we may be able to help with

We can investigate these issues where the disturbance is severe, and take formal action when the issue cannot be resolved.

  • The state of a premises
  • Smoke (including smoke from bonfires)
  • Fumes or gases
  • Dust, steam, or smells from business premises
  • Accumulations or deposits
  • Animals
  • Noise (including noise from parked car alarms and stationary machines in the street)
  • Artificial lighting 
  • Insects from business premises 

Problems we cannot help with

We are not able to help with:

What you can do

Go directly to the person causing the problem. Or you can use our letter template.

How to make a complaint

You will need to complete a log of the incidents for three weeks.

Once you have returned the log it will be assessed by a case officer. If we consider it is severe enough we will:

  • advise the person causing the problem that a complaint has been made.
  • monitor the problem.
  • ask an officer to make visits to you or set up specialist noise recording equipment in your property that you will have to operate.

If there is enough evidence we will take formal action to stop the problem, which you will need to support.