Waterloo car park public consultation – information boards now online

Release date: 3 July 2017

Photo shows the recent Waterloo consultation event in Cirencester. 

Over 60 local residents attended a public consultation event at the Bingham Gallery, Cirencester on 27 June to learn more about Cotswold District Council’s proposals to expand the capacity of the nearby Waterloo Car Park.

There was a lot of interest in the information boards on display at the event and these are now available to view on the Cirencester Parking Project page of the CDC website. 

Commenting on the event, Cllr Mark Harris, Chair of the Cirencester Parking Project, said:

“It was good to meet so many people and discuss the proposal with them.  We wanted to get feedback before we progressed to designing the car park and deciding on the number of decks, so that we can try and address concerns as part of the design process.”

“Over 40 people filled in feedback forms, expressing concerns and support, and we will be reviewing them as part of our deliberations prior to the design stage and submission of a formal planning application.”

Cllr Mark MacKenzie-Charrington, the Cotswold District Council Cabinet Member with oversight of Cirencester parking issues, added:

“Parking will always be an emotive subject and it was very useful to meet residents and traders at the consultation event to gauge levels of support and concern and to engage in informed discussions.

“It is clear that people care passionately about the future of the town and we hope they realise that we do too. The information boards helped to address some of the queries arising on the day, particularly our rationale for choosing the Waterloo as our first priority for decking.  Some attendees suggested that we should post them on our website and we agreed that it would be useful.”

We are always keen to hear what people think and anyone who missed the consultation can email parking@cotswold.gov.uk or telephone 01285 623000 if they would like to comment.”


Cotswold District Council
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