Cirencester Parking Project – we’re getting there!

Release date: 3 July 2018

Caption: Cllr Harris and Cllr MacKenzie-Charrington give the ‘thumbs up’ for progress

The Cirencester Parking Project is continuing to make good progress on a number of fronts to alleviate demand for parking in the town, most notably the preparations to increase the capacity of the Waterloo car park through converting it to a multi-storey site.

Most of the work over the last six months has been done ‘behind the scenes’ but the Chairman of the Parking Board, Cllr Mark Harris, is keen to emphasise that they are on track and are now at a stage where developments will soon be more apparent:

“I often get stopped by people to ask how things are going with the parking project and I am always happy to provide a progress report.  However, a lot of tasks that have been done over the last few months have focused on the complex procedures and processes that are necessary to get things sorted.  This means that they haven’t really been newsworthy even though they are vital to our success.

“Nevertheless, progress should be more apparent soon.  We have funding in place that will enable the Royal British Institute of Architects (RIBA) to undertake procurement for a car park architect and design competition for the external design.  We have also recently recruited a project manager who will be a main player in the project, working closely with RIBA. Additionally, we have appointed consultants with expertise in designing and building car parks, to look at interior car park design so we can ensure that the car park is safe and easy to use. 

“I feel confident that we will create an attractive state-of-the-art multi-storey car park that will benefit motorists and traders, and I look forward to further public consultations when we have more details.”

Cllr Mark MacKenzie-Charrington, who is the CDC Cabinet Member with responsibility for parking in Cirencester, is also pleased with the ongoing efforts to develop decant parking while the Waterloo is being developed:

“Now that we have secured an arrangement for car parking at the Cirencester rugby club we are aiming to provide about 150 spaces during the construction phase of the Waterloo decking work, and then for permit parking thereafter.  We are preparing a planning application for the rugby club site and this will include commissioning of traffic studies, and detailed site design.  We will, of course, be consulting residents nearby to discuss the proposals." 


Cotswold District Council
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