Advice during the heatwave

Release date: 3 July 2018

Staying healthy

The heat can affect anyone, especially vulnerable groups such as older people, young children and those with serious illnesses and long-term conditions.

Danger symptoms to watch out for in such weather include: feeling dizzy or faint, easily becoming short of breath, increasing confusion and/or vomiting.

The NHS provides advice about what to do in these situations as well as tips for staying cool. Cancer Research advises how to protect your skin and the Met Office operates a Heat-Health watch system during the summer: 

Remember pets too, as they can suffer from dehydration and never leave them in parked vehicles as they can become very hot quickly.

Conserving water

Thames Water and Severn Trent are not currently expecting to impose temporary water restrictions, but they are encouraging people to make a few small changes to their usual routine to help them keep up with the demand for water and avoid the risk of water restrictions later. These include:

  • Turning the tap off while brushing your teeth
  • Taking a four minute shower
  • Reusing the paddling pool to water the garden rather than pouring it away
  • Water your garden at night, when it has most benefit, with a watering can
  • Letting your lawn go brown – it will recover
  • Washing your car after the heatwave

Fire safety

Avoid bonfires and be extra careful with barbecues. If you do light anything, make sure that the ashes are fully extinguished and damped down before you leave it.

If you smoke, remember to put out your cigarettes properly and not to throw the ends out of your vehicle.


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