Cotswold Cabinet Member continues as Joint Waste Committee Chair

Release date: 22 June 2018

The Gloucestershire Joint Waste Committee has re-elected Cllr Sue Coakley as its chair for the third year.  Cllr Coakley is the Cabinet Member for Environment at Cotswold District Council and is very pleased to continue with this complementary county-wide function, working alongside the vice-chair Cllr Nigel Moor who represents the Cotswold Stow-on-the-Wold division at Gloucestershire County Council. 

Cllr Coakley looks forward to the challenges ahead:

“ I am very pleased to continue at the helm of this Committee during 2018-19, and will continue to look for ways to improve waste management , recycling and street cleansing services across the county. The Joint Waste Committee was formed five years ago and has had considerable success in overseeing these services for local authorities in Cheltenham, Cotswold, Forest of Dean and Tewkesbury as well as Gloucestershire County Council.  We have delegated powers to make decisions across these four local councils and to deliver waste treatment and disposal for the County. 

“We have undertaken several county-wide initiatives to improve recycling rates and best practice – including campaigns to increase food waste recycling, avoid single use plastics, and encourage more recycling of bathroom items. Our biggest challenge is to raise the County recycling rate to at least 60%.  We’re making some progress but there is still a lot to do in many parts of Gloucestershire.  Recent television documentaries like the BBC ‘Blue Planet’ series have shown the devastating harm that can be done if we do not take steps to deal with our waste sensibly, and the public are beginning to appreciate the damage being done globally by microbeads and other threats arising from poor waste management.”

More information about the work of the Joint Waste Committee, including the dedicated team working under the committee, are available on the Recycle for Gloucestershire website.


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