Praise for Ubico from anti-litter campaigner

Release date: 19 June 2018

Pauline Farman, a dedicated anti-litter campaigner, has praised Cotswold District Council’s waste service provider for helping ensure that her neighbourhood is clean and tidy.

When she retired a few years ago Pauline decided to undertake long walks in the Perrott’s Brook and Daglingworth area, and felt that it would benefit the community if she could also use the time to collect litter. As a result, she carries out litter picks about twice a week, and derives great satisfaction from her work.

During her rounds, she has been very impressed with the work of crews from Ubico Ltd who clear litter along the roadside, and she also appreciates the arrangements that the company has put in place to pick up the waste that she collects:

“Ubico do a very good job picking up litter and other items along the A435 from Coberley down to North Cerney and it is a good to know that they are improving the environment in this way.  I am also very grateful for them for facilitating the collection of the material that I collect on my rounds.  I bag the litter and other items, affix stickers provided by Ubico and then let them know where to come and get the waste. This has made things much easier for me and it’s great to know that we are working in partnership to clean up the area. I would also add that the weekly waste collection chaps do a tremendous and thankless, job and leave very little litter behind.  It amazes me just how they manage to do it - and keep cheerful!”

Cllr Sue Coakley, CDC Cabinet Member for Environment, is equally complimentary about Pauline:

“Pauline deserves huge credit for her efforts to tackle the scourge of littering. She works very hard and clearly derives a lot of satisfaction from seeing a visible improvement to the landscape. 

“The Council increased the budget for cleansing two years ago and Ubico now has a dedicated litter picking crew, which continuously performs this exercise throughout the year. However, one team cannot be everywhere so we are extremely grateful to Pauline and other valued environmentally-conscious residents to help us keep the Cotswolds beautiful.

Pauline continues:

“I get a great reaction from the public when they see me out and about improving the environment.  I meet lots of very nice people and the police often stop to thank me and check that I am ok.”

Anyone who wants to follow Pauline’s lead and carry out a solo or team litter pick should contact Cotswold District Council on 01285 623000 – we can provide instructions, gloves, high visibility jackets and waste bags, and provide advice on ensuring volunteer activity is carried out safely and effectively


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