Major flood alleviation works in Moreton moving towards completion

Release date: 14 March 2017

Caption: L to r Cllr Michael Lucas (Moreton Town Council), Cllr Robert Dutton (CDC Ward member for Moreton East), Cllr Nigel Moor (Gloucs County Council), and Cllr Sue Coakley (CDC) review progress.

A major flood alleviation scheme in Moreton-in-Marsh is making considerable progress in spite of unavoidable delays, and should be completed by summer 2017.

A party of Town, District and County Councillors visited the works site on 13 March and reviewed the creation of a series of new culverts and ditches to reduce flood risk.  They were all enthused by what they saw.

Cllr Sue Coakley, the Cabinet Member for the Environment at Cotswold District Council and chair of the Moreton Flood Alleviation Board, said:

“It’s good to get up close to the construction workers and machines that are making Moreton a much safer place.  We wanted to ensure that Moreton would have first class defences against the threat of flooding and I am pleased to report that our stated aim is well on the way to becoming a reality Now that I have seen this scheme with my own eyes, I have a much better appreciation of the complexity and scale of this project, and the physical obstacles which have resulted in several unavoidable delays and significant extra costs..”

Her thoughts were echoed by Councillor Vernon Smith, the Gloucestershire County Council Cabinet Member for Highways and Floods, and Cllr Nigel Moor, the County Councillor for the area including Moreton, who added:

“Working alongside other Councils, the Environment Agency and other organisations,together with the support of Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP, the County Council is committed to improving resilience across the county.  Providing first class flooding defences in Moreton has been one of our top priorities, and also one of the most challenging.  It’s very satisfying to see the plans now coming to fruition and we look forward to the completion of the project in the next few months.”

Cllr Michael Lucas of Moreton Town Council commented:

“This development is great news for the residents of Moreton.  This final stage of the work to reduce flood risk follows on from a range of initial projects that have been instrumental in lessening the risk over the last few years.   The combined effect of all these improvements should ensure that we will not return to the ‘dark days’ of 2007 when Moreton and surrounding areas could not cope with a severe deluge.”



Since 2007 Cotswold District Council has spent over £350,000 on improvements to flood defences in the town. Gloucestershire County Council has allocated £370,000 to Moreton flood alleviation, including £270,000 to the major works described above. And Moreton Town Council has also agreed funding of £30,000.

Cotswold District Council
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