Help us combat dog fouling!

Release date: 24 November 2016

Cotswold District Council has recently noted a spike in the number of complaints about dog fouling and is appealing to the public to help stamp out this anti-social activity.

The Council’s Environmental Wardens have the power to issue fixed penalty fines to dog owners who do not pick up mess deposited by their pets in public spaces.  In extreme cases they can refer the matter for prosecution in the courts where the fines could be up to £1000.  However, resources to control dog fouling are limited and the Council is hoping that environmentally-conscious residents will help to reduce incidents.

Cllr Sue Coakley, CDC Cabinet Member for the Environment, explains:

“Our Environmental Wardens have received a marked increase in complaints recently about dog fouling incidents which suggests that there has been a rise in the number of owners not picking up after their dogs.  Dog fouling is a serious issue – it is unpleasant for members of the public and can cause serious illness, including toxocariasis which can cause blindness, especially in children.

“We would appreciate it if residents could help us encourage all dog owners to behave responsibly and pick up after their dog.  Sometimes a tactful word is all that is called for.  As a dog owner myself, I carry spare poo bags so that I can offer one to fellow owners when I see that their pets are fouling in open spaces and no attempt is being made to remove the offending mess. Obviously, we don’t want people to place themselves in danger, but a quiet word of encouragement can often have a positive effect.”

To find out more about dog fouling and the Council’s role in helping to prevent this activity, please visit our website


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