Views wanted on Council Tax support changes

We are proposing changes to the Council Tax Reduction Scheme, which if agreed, would come into effect from April 2020.

We want to make the scheme as simple and effective as we can and ensure that people in greatest need receive the support required to help them.

Changes proposed include:

  • Introducing a new income banded scheme to take account of different groups from single occupants to couples and families with children. 
  • Introducing an ‘extended period’ of up to eight weeks to support the transition of households whose increased income sees them move into higher banding. 
  • Remove of the two child limit to help blended families have more disposable income
  • Introducing an increase to the maximum amount of savings claimants can have, from £6,001 to £10,000. 

Proposed changes will not impact on those in vulnerable groups or those in receipt of a state pension.

The deadline for commenting is midnight on 15 November 2019.

Comment on Council Tax support changes

Background information

The Council Tax Reduction Scheme was introduced in April 2013, replacing Council Tax benefits and is part of the Government’s major overhaul of the welfare system.

It supports working age people on low incomes by reducing their Council Tax payments. 

Following the consultation, a report will be considered by councillors before a decision is made.

Cotswold District Council
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