Please help us track down this persistent dog poo offender

Release date: 8 September 2017

Cotswold District Council is appealing to the public to help tackle a dog fouling problem in Querns Lane, Cirencester.

The Council is aware of regular deposits of dog faeces opposite the old ‘Helibeds’ shop in Querns Lane. Despite patrols at different times of the day by an environment officer, spray painting to highlight the offence, and renewing all warning signs in the area, the Council has had no success so far in tracking down the offender. 

However, we have gathered sufficient information to indicate that the mess could be attributed to a white male on a bicycle who leads a mastiff type dog.   A witness has reported seeing the man at about 8.45 am riding along the pavement to Querns Lane from the Market Place end of Cricklade Street and then heading towards Chesterton. 

If you see this man with his dog – or, indeed, any other person allowing their dog to foul the pavement without picking up the mess – please call the Council on 01285 623000 so that we can take action to prevent this anti-social behaviour.


Cotswold District Council
Trinity Road