Time is running out for registering to vote

Release date: 21 September 2018

Residents who don’t respond to an important form risk losing the right to vote on polling day – but there is still time to act.

Cotswold District Council sent out Household Enquiry Form reminders to 14,500 properties at the end of last week, because there has been no response to the first form we sent out at the end of August.

“We sent the initial Household Enquiry Form out to every property within Cotswold District at the end of August,” said a council spokesperson. “This went to more than 43,500 properties, giving residents a month to respond.

“Around 14,500 properties still haven’t responded to the form, and so they should now have received a Household Enquiry Form reminder. There is still time to respond to that form, and this will ensure that they do not receive a personal visit from a canvasser next month.”

Residents who want to check whether Cotswold District Council has received a response to the initial form, can contact us on 01285 623002 or email elections@cotswold.gov.uk.

The quickest and easiest way to respond to a Household Enquiry Form is online, which takes around five minutes. Alternatively, residents can respond by calling a freephone number. All this information is included on the front of the form.

The law demands that every property must respond to the Household Enquiry Form even when there has been no change to their details.



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