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Statement from the Chair of Cotswold District Council following the death of HRH Prince Philip - Read more here

Preston neighbourhood plan

The Plan has been subject to consultation and independent examination.  Cotswold District Council has considered the examiner’s report, and determined, that subject to his recommended modifications, the plan should proceed to referendum.  The Neighbourhood Plan will go to referendum on 6 May 2021.

Temporary Government guidance means that in the meantime, the plan can be given significant weight in decision-making, in so far as the plan is material to the application.

The following ‘Specified documents’ must be published to inform the referendum:

Regulation 18 Decision

Referendum version of the plan

Examiner report

General information


Examiner’s Report

Cotswold District Council has to formally consider the examiner’s report, and decide whether the plan should proceed to referendum.  This will happen soon.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, the referendum will not be held before 6 May 2021. If at the referendum more than 50% of people vote to support the plan, we will use it to help decide planning applications in Preston Parish.

Examination process

The examiner has provided a letter, explaining procedural matters.

Following on the previous letter, the examiner has also issued a clarification letter posing questions of Preston Parish Council. Preston have responded to the questions.


The following representations have been made on the submitted plan, and will be considered by the examiner.

Neighbourhood plan regulation 16 draft