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Section 106 monitoring fees

All S106 agreements, including Deeds of Variation, are subject to a registration charge to cover the cost of registering the agreement and its obligations on the system. A further monitoring charge is applied based on the amount of dwellings the development creates as shown in the table below.

Registration charge £535
Monitoring charges:  
Less than 10 dwelling units £535
10 - 100 dwellings units £1,070
101 - 250 dwelling units £5,370
251+ dwelling units £10,730


Payment of the registration fee is required upon completion of the agreement. The remainder of the monitoring fee becomes due upon commencement of the development. The fees are not refundable if the development does not go ahead or is halted halfway.

The schedule does not cover developments which are considered strategic sites in the local plan. For each strategic site, the Council will negotiate a bespoke fee, which will be calculated on a yearly basis and should be paid each year for the anticipated duration of the development.

Please note that the fees are subject to indexation at the start of each calendar year.