Evidence base and monitoring

The following documents form part of the emerging Local Plan 2011-2031. Use the drop down menus below to view the studies and reports which are part of the Local Plan evidence base. 

Site allocations update 2016

For more information on the non strategic housing and employment site allocations April 2016, please:

For more information about the Strategic Housing Market assessment please visit:




Green infrastructure, open space and play strategy update 2017

To view the strategy update, please:

Natural and historic environment

The SFRA Level 2 document and appendices, District and relevant settlement maps can also be viewed on the consultation portal. Please visit our consultation portal.

Infrastructure and viability

In March 2013 we moved from preparing a Core Strategy to a comprehensive Local Plan. The Core Strategy Spatial Strategy Options can also be viewed by selecting Core Strategy from the drop down list below.

Core strategy, SCI and monitoring documents


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