Waste and recycling collection rounds re-zoning 2016

From week beginning 19 September 2016 Cotswold District Council and our waste contractor Ubico Ltd will be improving the efficiency and cost effectiveness of your waste collection service. This will mean a change of collection day for about 70% of households. during August, we will write to all residents whose collection day will be changing and send out a new collection calendar. 

Please refer to the waste collection rezone map and the corresponding numbered calendars to find your collection day.

Updated waste and recycling collections: frequently asked questions

Why is the Council making these changes?

There has been an increase in the population of the District, with many people moving into newly built properties. This has had an impact on the efficient running of many waste and recycling collection rounds so there is too much work for crews on some days and not enough on others. As a result, we are balancing the rounds so that we can get the most out of our current resources and absorb the impact of further property development over the next few years. Otherwise, Council Tax payers would face a considerable increase in expenditure on the service, through the purchase of new trucks and the hiring of extra crews on certain days.

Do these changes affect everyone?

We estimate that the changes we're making on the week beginning 19 September will affect about 70% of households in the district.

If my collection day is being changed will I have to wait for more than two weeks before I receive my next collection?

Some residents affected by the changes will have to wait longer than two weeks before their first revised collection date (whether it is for refuse or recycling). Those residents can put out extra  waste/recycling which has accumulated, as long as it's put by the refuse bin or recycling box on the day of the first collection after 19 September, and it will be collected by the Ubico collection crews.  

Will there be further changes?

We do not plan to make any further large-scale collection day changes for the foreseeable future. 

Are there any changes being made to how waste and recycling is collected?

No, the services and including the methods we use to collect waste and recycling will stay the same.

When will these changes start?

We’re planning to make the collection day changes starting on Monday 19 September 2016, so please look out for the detailed information and a revised collection calendar which will be sent to all residents who are affected by the changes.

How will residents be informed?

The communications to support the waste and recycling collection round changes has been divided into:

  • Phase 1: highlights the fact that the changes will be starting in September 2016 for 70% of residents and asks them to look out for information.
  • Phase 2: provides details of the actual collection day changes for those residents affected.  Approximately 30% of households will be unaffected.

Please look out for the detailed information, including a revised collection calendar, which will be sent to all residents affected by the changes.

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