Food waste recycling

Request a food caddie


Every household has been issued with a 10 litre food waste container. The container has a locking handle to prevent spills and smells and to protect the contents from vermin.Food Waste Container

Your food waste container is emptied weekly and must be out at the kerbside with the lid in the locked position by 7 am on your collection day, but no earlier than the previous evening. Please ensure your food waste container is visible from the roadside.  Make sure the position does not endanger other pavement or highway users.

To find your house's bin, food waste and recycling collection dates please:

  • Type your house number and street or postcode in the My Cotswold box and click Go
  • Find your address in the list and click the Select your address button
  • Your house's bin and recycling collection dates are displayed in the box

If you are unable to carry your food waste container to the front of your property you can arrange for an assisted collection

We can supply up to three food waste containers per household. If you have signed up for our garden waste collection, you may choose to put your food waste in the garden waste wheelie bin.

What can be put in your food waste container

Yes please

  • Food - cooked and uncooked
  • Raw and cooked fruit and vegetables
  • Meat and fish, including bones and skin
  • Cheese and other dairy products
  • Eggs and egg shells
  • Small amount of liquids, oil and fat (including solid fats such as lard)
  • Bread, cakes and pastry
  • Rice, pasta, beans and cereal
  • Tea bags and coffee grounds
  • Newspaper or approved compostable liners
  • Cat and dog food
  • Animal hair
  • Uneaten food from your plates and dishes
  • Used kitchen roll and paper tissues

No thanks

  • Plastic (including plastic bags and non-approved compostable liners)
  • Packaging of any kind
  • Metal and glass
  • Any other household waste
  • Animal faeces
  • Animal bedding
  • Pet litter
  • Pet carcasses
  • Cardboard (please recycle in blue bags -see kerbside recycling)
  • Nappies

Keeping your food waste container clean

Your food waste container is dishwasher proof but if you wish to line it you can either:

To ensure that the newspaper or liner is taken along with the food waste, make sure that the newspaper is wrapped completely around the food waste or that the top of the compostable liner is tied up.

Ubico staff will not remove a newspaper/liner which is stuck to the inside of a food waste container after it has been emptied.

Please do not wrap food waste in foil or plastic bags. This type of material will contaminate the composting process.

Adding food waste to your home composting

Please note that you are advised not to add meat fish and bones to your home compost bin, as it can attract vermin.  However, you can recycle these items in your food waste container.

Boost your soil with processed organic waste

Processed organic waste collected in Gloucestershire, including the food and garden waste collected from Cotswold residents, is now being sold to the public as a soil improver. It is available from all household recycling centres, including Fosse Cross, at £3.50 for a 40 litre sack. The quality of the material is so good that it should not be used directly as compost, but rather as a conditioner to be dug in with existing soil.

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