Gloucestershire Joint Waste Team

From April 2013, oversight of waste management recycling and street care services for Cheltenham Borough Council, Cotswold District Council, Forest of Dean District Council and Gloucestershire County was passed to a Joint Waste Committee (JWC.)

Why was this change made?

Over the last two decades, the roles of waste collection authorities (district and borough councils) have become more complex and interdependent on the roles of county councils as waste disposal authority and vice-versa. There has also been growing interest in sharing services across district boundaries to benefit from economies of scale.

Gloucestershire’s Joint Waste Committee (JWC) is a body with delegated powers to make decisions concerning the recycling, waste collection and street cleansing services for three district and borough councils and to deliver waste treatment and disposal for the County.

What are the aims of the JWC?

The principal aims are to:

  • Save money and minimise future costs, with a fair distribution of savings between partners and their council tax payers;
  • Provide good customer service and improve it further within the bounds of the resources available;
  • Undertake operations in an environmentally sustainable manner by following the waste hierarchy and, where practical and affordable, sending materials collected to the most appropriate end destination.
  • Identify and share initiatives and best practice amongst partner Authorities

Who sits on the JWC?

The JWC is made up of two elected members appointed from each of the partner authorities.

Is this a formal or informal arrangement?

The Joint Waste Committee is a formally constituted body under a signed contract known as the Inter Authority Agreement. The Committee has a business plan which sets out it’s priorities and proposed actions. Once the plan has been agreed by the partners, the Joint Waste Committee can implement actions on their behalf.

Why are some Gloucestershire councils not included in the JWC?

Cotswold District Council, Cheltenham Borough Council, Forest of Dean District Council and Gloucestershire County Council joined the JWT in April 2013 when the committee was first formed. Tewkesbury Borough Council then joined the partnership at the end of 2014. All Gloucestershire councils were involved in the process of setting up the JWC but Gloucester and Stroud have decided not to join for the time being.  Any queries about waste matters in those two areas (other than Household Waste Recycling Sites) should be directed to them.

What is the Joint Waste Team (JWT)?

The Joint Waste team comprises the officers who serve the Joint Waste Committee and they make sure that services are working well from the customer's point of view.  They also look at the various legal and financial aspects of dealing with waste and street cleaning and, of course, finding the most environmentally suitable way of dealing with many types of recycling and waste being collected and dealt with in the county. The officers were previously working for one of the partners. Because the JWC is not an organisation in itself, the JWT officers are employed by GCC (as administrating authority) on behalf of the JWC.

What should I do if I have an enquiry, problem or comment about a service?

Enquiries, problems and comments about recycling and waste collection services, bring banks, street cleansing or fly-tipping should be reported to the council in the area concerned, as they have call centres to deal with all first line enquiries. The call centre will usually pass details directly to the contractor to resolve. If things are complex or there are recurring problems, the matter will be looked into by a JWT officer who will direct the contactor or try and resolve the problem in some other way.

Contact details

  • Cheltenham Tel: 01242 262626
  • Cotswold Tel: 01285 623123
  • Forest of Dean Tel: 01594 810 000 or email

Enquiry, problem or comment about one of the Household Recycling Centres (HRCs)

In a similar way, problems with services at the household recycling centres (HRCs) should be reported to Gloucestershire County Council who will refer the matter to the JWT. There are also comment forms available at the HRCs. In the case of Swindon Road HRC in Cheltenham, customers should contact Cheltenham Borough Council directly.

In any event, customers calling another council will be directed to the right place, but it will take longer to be put through.

Contact details

  • HRC Helpline; tel: 0845 6029344
  • For Swindon Road, Cheltenham; Tel: 01242 262626 (Cheltenham Borough Council)

There is also a wealth of information on the Recycle for Gloucester Website - Recycle for Gloucestershire

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