Affordable home ownership

Buying a home

Finding an affordable home that fits your needs can be a challenge in the current market, but there's a range of home ownership options. For a guide on what's involved in buying your own home, please visit:

Central government is offering a range of schemes to help you buy your own home. For further information  please visit the:

Home ownership options in Cotswold district

Shared ownership

If you are interested in buying a Shared Ownership property in the Cotswold district you need to register. For more information and to register please visit the:

Shared ownership resales

If you want to buy a resale shared ownership property, you need to register on:

Properties on the market will be advertised on the following:

Discount Market Sale

Discount Market Sale (DMS) is where a new build property is bought at a discounted price direct from the developer. This discount is usually around 30% and the scheme is designed to help low and middle earners get onto the property ladder. To qualify for one of the properties you must:

  • be over 18 years of age
  • have a household income of under £60,000
  • be buying the property as your principle residence
  • can't afford to buy a home suitable for your needs on the open market in the Cotswold District
  • have a Local Connection as set out in the associated development’s Section 106 Agreement

For more information and details of schemes being built in Cotswold district, please view the:


You have the opportunity to move into a new home at an affordable rent for between five and 20 years. After the agreed period Rent Plus supports the tenant to own the property while building a positive credit record to support a mortgage application. A feature of RentPlus is that tenants receive a gifted deposit of ten per cent of the property’s market value at the time of purchase. For more information please visit the:

Resale (restrictive) covenant properties

Restrictive resale covenant properties have individual covenants setting out how and to whom the properties can be sold. The deeds would have been agreed between the Council and the developer / freehold owner of a newly built property.

The property is initially sold at 70% of open market value to a buyer with a Local Connection. Any owner of the property will be required to carefully follow the covenants when selling the property on the open market, usually sold on at the same value as it was bought. Consent to sell is required from the District Council in all cases of resale covenants. To view a list of properties for sale with this resale covenant see:

Resale covenant restriction

The Section 157 restriction of the 1985 Housing Act applies to the ex-council houses bought under the right-to-buy scheme in the Cotswold District AONB before 28 February 1997. After this date the Council transferred all our housing stock to Fosseway Housing Association – now Bromford Group. The restrictions still apply to ex-housing association properties.

Properties with this restriction are for sale or rent at Open Market Value (OMV) but to buy the property you must be able to show a local connection to the area as defined by s.157(3) of the Housing Act 1985. For more information on this covenant and to view properties for sale and rent with a s.157 restriction see:

Home ownership options for military personnel

If you are part of the regular serving armed forces and looking to buy a home, central government have, as part of the Community Covenant, created a specialised scheme to help you get on the housing ladder. For more information please:

For more general housing advice including SFA issues, home ownership in the UK or overseas tied accommodation please visit the:

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