Dangerous structures

Warning Sign

If a building is in a condition that it may put people in danger, we will investigate and make sure that the building is made safe.

Dangers can include the following:

  • loose drainpipes or roof coverings because of poor maintenance
  • a building collapsing as a result of a fire, storm damage or a road traffic accident
  • unstable boundary walls.

Report a dangerous structure


When a dangerous structure is reported one of our building control officers will visit the site and they:

  • will examine the level of danger,
  • may have the structure made safe or demolished depending on the severity of the danger.

Responsibilities of the owner of a dangerous building or structure

The owner is responsible for all the costs involved in making the dangerous building or structure safe. We will try to contact them to remove the danger but in an emergency we may have to correct the problem and they will be charged the costs.

If the owner is unavailable, unable or unwilling to arrange for the danger to be removed, we will do the minimum to safeguard the area, for example putting up fencing to keep people away from the danger area.  We will write to the owner to:

  • confirm what has been done and
  • let them know the costs involved.

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