Unauthorised building work

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If you have carried out building work without applying for Building Regulations then the work is unauthorised and can cause problems when you try and sell the property.

It may be possible to make a retrospective application for building regulations called a Regularisation application. If the Regularisation is completed satisfactorily we will remove the contravention from the Council's property records.

Apply for a regularisation certificate

Download and fill in the:

You will need to provide the following:

  • full details and plans showing the work that was carried out,
  • payment - please see the list of charges on the application form.

The regularisation certificate process

Regularisation applications for work carried out after 11 November 1985 and can be a lengthy process, especially if extensive work is required to bring a building back up to standard.

The process is:

  • you send in the application and detailed plans,
  • we may need you to open up and uncover the work so that it can be inspected and checked by the building control surveyor,
  • if the work is satisfactory a Regularisation Certificate will be issued.

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