Conservation & development management

Planning Policy

The consideration of historic building conservation matters is an important part of the determination of planning applications and is guided by various national and local policies, in particular the National Planning Policy Framework , the National Planning Practice Guidance and Cotswold District Local Plan 2001-2011 policies 11 (The Historic Landscape); 14 (Conversion of historic agricultural buildings of traditional design) and 15 (Conservation Areas).  

Pre-application discussions

It is very valuable to enter into pre-application discussions with us before submitting a planning application.  It should be noted that there may be a charge for pre-application advice, dependant on the size and complexity of the proposals.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss your pre-application proposals. We will need a sufficient level of information from which to assess the proposals and we are unable to make any site visits without this information.  You should provide:

  • A location map
  • A plan of the site
  • Photographs of the site
  • Sketch plans of your proposals
  • A brief justification for your proposals

The opinion provided by an officer as part of pre-application discussions is not binding on the authority in its determination of any planning application (or consent). 

Application process

As part of your planning application you may be required to provide additional historic building conservation information.  The level of information required will depend on the type, scale and complexity of your proposals.  Each application type is accompanied by a checklist, which states what information should be submitted.

For any application, including Listed Building Consents that relate to heritage assets (including listed buildings), an Historic Environment Statement (also known as a Heritage Statement) will be required.  This can form part of the Design and Access Statement, but you must ensure that all the relevant information that would be in a Historic Environment Statement / Heritage Statement is included.  (Design and Access Statements are required for all Listed Building Consents and many other applications.)  

If you are unsure whether your application will require a Historic Environment Statement / Heritage Statement (or a Design and Access Statement), please contact us.

Further guidance on Historic Environment Statements (Heritage Statements) is available on the Council's web-site.

Detailed drawings

Additional detailed drawings may also be required, for example

  • to a  scale of not less than 1:20 - any new doors; windows; shop-fronts; panelling; fireplaces; plaster moulding and other decorative details etc.
  • to a scale of 1:5 - window bars etc.
  • full size sections of fine moulding, joinery etc

It is likely that a suitably qualified and experienced historic building conservation architect, consultant or specialist will have to be appointed to carry out this work.  Further information on how to select and appoint an architect, consultant or specialist is available on the website.


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