Landscape Character

The Landscape Character Network defines landscape character as 'a distinct, recognisable and consistent pattern of elements in the landscape that makes one landscape different from another, rather than better or worse'.

Landscape Character Assessment

A Landscape Character Assessment (LCA) classifies, maps and describes the distinctive character of individual landscapes. The LCA describes what is already in the landscape but does not prescribe what should be there. It is a useful approach to understanding the differences between landscapes and can serve as a framework for decision-making that respects local distinctiveness.

Landscape character can be assessed at a number of different levels, from the national level to the very local. Please see below for details of National Character Areas, Cotswold AONB, Cotswold District outside the AONB, Special Landscape Areas and Cotswold Water Park.

(opens in a new window)National Character Areas

England has been divided into 159 areas with similar landscape character, which are called National Character Areas (NCAs), previously known as Joint Character Areas (JCAs). Cotswold District falls primarily within NCAs 107 and 108, with a small area in the north of the District falling within NCA 106.

Landscape Character Assessments – Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

The Cotswolds Conservation Board has prepared the following relevant documents for the Cotswolds AONB:

Landscape Character Assessments – Areas of Cotswold District outside the Cotswolds AONB

Cotswold District Council
Trinity Road