Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Examination

Inspector’s report on the Examination of the Cotswold District Community Infrastructure Levy Draft Charging Schedule

The Council received the examiner’s report on the submitted Cotswold District Community Infrastructure Levy Draft Charging Schedule on 5th June 2018.

The examiner’s report concludes the Cotswold District Community Infrastructure Levy Draft Charging Schedule, as submitted, provides an appropriate basis for the collection of the levy in Cotswold District.

The Council will be recommended to adopt the Cotswold District Community Infrastructure Levy Draft Charging Schedule although the levy is not likely to come into effect before April 2019; further information and a timetable will be provided later this year. A special council meeting is being arranged for the near future and details will be made available on the Council’s website.


CIL Examination Library

Main CIL documents prepared and/or referred to in relation to the CIL DCS:

CIL001 Cotswold District Community Infrastructure Levy: Draft Charging Schedule (Oct 2016, CDC)          

CIL002 Cotswold District CIL Submission of Draft Charging Schedule Consultation Statement (Apr 2017, CDC)

CIL003 CIL representations made in accordance with Regulation 17 (Various):

CIL004 CIL: Draft Regulation 123 List - Document of Projects that will not be secured through s106 or s278 (Oct 2016, CDC) 

CIL005 CIL: Draft Instalments Policy (Oct 2016, CDC)

CIL006 Cotswold District Infrastructure Delivery Plan Update 2016 (Apr 2016, Arup)

CIL007 Cotswold District Infrastructure Delivery Plan Refresh (Sep 2014, Arup)

CIL008 Cotswold District Whole Plan and CIL Viability Study (Apr 2016, HDH Planning)

CIL009 Cotswold District Post PDCS Viability Note (Oct 2016, HDH Planning)

CIL010 Cotswold District Infrastructure Delivery Plan Funding Gap Analysis (Jun 2016, Arup)

CIL011 Cotswold District Infrastructure Delivery Plan Funding Gap Analysis 2016  Amended Issue (May 2017, Arup) 

CIL012 CIL Statement of Representations Procedure (Oct 2016, CDC)

CIL013 Cotswold District CIL Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule (Jun 2016, CDC)

CIL014 Cotswold District CIL Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule Statement of Consultation (Oct 2016, CDC)

CIL015 Statement of Fact - Submission (Jun 2017, CDC)

CIL016 Cotswold District CIL Statement of Procedure and Legal Compliance (Jun 2017, CDC)

CIL017 Cotswold District CIL Self-Assessment Checklist (Jun 2017, CDC)

CIL018 Submission letter to the Planning Inspectorate (Jul 2017, CDC)

CIL019 Joint Press Notice of Submission for Local Plan and CIL (Jul 2017, CDC)

Supporting Documents:

CIL020 Cotswold District CIL: Draft Charging Schedule Committee Report to Submit (Jun 2017, CDC)

CIL021 CIL: Draft Regulation 123 List Consultation Report (Apr 2017, CDC)

CIL022 Local Plan 2011-2031 Submission Draft Reg.19 (and submission Policies Map) (Jun 2016, CDC)

CIL023 Focussed Changes Addendum Local Plan 2011-2031 Reg.19, including amendments to Policy Maps (Dec 2016, CDC)

CIL024 Cotswold District Local Plan 2011-2031 – Minor Modifications to Submission Draft Reg 19 (Jun 2017) 

CIL025 CIL: Historic Section 106 Agreement Evidence (Dec 2016, CDC) 

CIL026 Cotswold District Infrastructure Delivery Plan (May 2013, Arup) 

Added 17 October 2017:

CIL027 Strategic Employment Land Availability Assessment Viability Considerations (Hewdon, May 2014)

CIL028 Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment Viability Report (POS, May 2014)


CIL Examination Documents 'CED'

Guidance, documents and correspondence prepared and/or submitted in relation to the examination of the CIL:

CED01 Community Infrastructure Levy Examinations & the role the Planning Inspectorate plays (Jun 2016, Pins) 

CED02 Procedure Practice for the Examination of Local Plans (Jun 2016, Pins)

CED03 Examiner's Guidance Notes (Sep 2017)

CED04 Examiner's Main issues & Questions (Sep 2017) 

CED05 Confirmed CIL Participants (Oct 2017) 

CED06 FURTHER STATEMENTS by Representors and Council for CIL Hearing (5 December 2017) in response to Examiner's MIQs [CED04]:

 CED07 Examiner's Supplementary Questions (8.11.17) 

CED08 Examiner's Agenda for CIL Hearing on 5 December 2017 (27.11.17) 

CED09 Further Information Required - request from Examiner (7.12.17) 

CED10 Council response to CIL Further Info Request from Examiner [CED09] (14.12.17)

CED11 Written Statement from Pioneer in response to CED10 (4.1.18)

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