What is CIL?

What is the Community Infrastructure Levy?

On Saturday 1 June 2019 Cotswold District Council implemented the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). The CIL is a locally set charge that local authorities in England (known as "charging authorities") can place on development, such as new homes and extensions to homes according to their floor area. The money generated through the levy will contribute to the funding of infrastructure to support development growth in Cotswold District.

From 1 June 2019, a CIL charge applies to all relevant applications determined on or after this date (including those successful on appeal and those where a resolution to grant has been made but a S106 agreement has yet to be completed), even if they were submitted in advance of this date. CIL may also apply to Lawful Development Certificates and Permitted Development.

To meet the CIL regulations Cotswold District Council needs to publish a CIL adoption statement which lets the community know that it has adopted a CIL Charging Schedule. For more information please:

Cotswold District Council organised an information event for builders, agents and developers regarding CIL. Gilian Macinnes Associates gave a presentation introducing CIL and its procedures. Please:

Cotswold District Council has created a CIL Process Flowchart to help you go through the CIL process and submit the right forms at the right time. Alternatively the process is explained step by step in more detail below.

How is CIL calculated?

CIL is charged in £ per square metre. The floor area on which CIL is payable is calculated by measuring the gross internal area (or GIA) of a new development.

The amount of CIL liable is also dependent on where the development is located within the District, the type of use proposed, the amount of floor space that is being created and the amount that is being lost i.e. through demolition. For information about the CIL rates within your area please refer to the CIL Charging Schedule.

What does CIL fund?

The CIL is intended to supplement other funding streams to ensure that new community infrastructure can be provided to support local growth and to give councils and communities more choice and flexibility in how infrastructure is funded.

Cotswold District Council will publish an annual infrastructure funding statement on its CIL Reporting and Infrastructure Spending page (starting from December 2020) which will

  • list infrastructure projects or types of infrastructure which the charging authority intends will be, or may be, wholly or partly funded by CIL
  • contain a CIL report showing how much CIL money has been collected, how much has been spent and what it has been spent on
  • contain a S106 report showing how much S106 money has been collected, how much has been spent and what it has been spent on

Contact the CIL team

To contact the CIL team by:

Data protection

The Council will only use your information for the purposes Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). We will not give information about you to anyone else, or use information about you for any other purpose, unless the law allows us to. For further privacy information please see:

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