Local Plan 2011-2031

The Cotswold District Local Plan (2011-2031) 

The Local Plan was adopted on 3 August 2018. To view an interactive version of the Local Plan, please:

This interactive plan does not include the other sections of the development plan such as:

Interactive Local Plan

Adopted Local Plan

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Inspector's report

To view the Inspector's report:

(i) Main report, including a non-technical summary; and 
(ii) Appendix setting out detailed amendments (Main Modifications) to the Submitted Local Plan.

Adoption documentation

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Additional modifications

In addition to Main Modifications, which were published for consultation in February 2018, the Council has produced Local Plan additional modifications which are changes that have essentially been made to rectify grammatical and formatting errors; update information; and ensure consistency. None of these changes materially alter the content or policy meaning of the Local Plan. Please:

Local plan policies and planning applications

Please note that the policies of the local Plan are integrated and interrelated. This means that individual policies – relating to a particular area for example - do not cover all the issues that might relate to a particular development proposal. It is very important to read the policies of the Local Plan together to ensure that one gains a comprehensive appreciation of the constraints, opportunities and other policy requirements relating to an area or a particular form of development. For pre application advice please:

Other adopted documents

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