Community Infrastructure Levy

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Examination

At its meeting on 13 June, Cotswold District Council approved the submission of the Cotswold District Community Infrastructure Levy Draft Charging Schedule to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government for independent examination. For more information, please: 

Community Infrastructure Levy Draft Charging Schedule Consultation

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a planning charge on new housing, residential extensions over 100m2 (gross internal area) and retail development over 100m2 (gross internal area) that can be used by Local Authorities to help deliver infrastructure to support the development of their area.

The Council has produced a Draft Charging Schedule for the proposed introduction of CIL. This sets out the level of CIL charge which is considered to be viable in different parts of the District. To support the implementation of the Local Plan the Council is also reviewing projects identified in the Infrastructure Delivery Plan to establish priorities and how they are going to be funded and delivered.

Consultation took place on the Draft Charging Schedule and accompanying documents between 31 October 2016 and Monday 28 November 2016.

To view the Draft Draft Charging Schedule and accompanying documents, please:

Draft Regulation 123 List

The CIL Regulations ensure that developments are not charged twice for the same infrastructure type of project i.e. through both a S106 agreement and a CIL charge, by restricting the extent of planning obligations. To ensure duplication does not take place the Council is required to publish a list of projects, known as the Regulation 123 list, which will not be funded through S106 and/or S278 obligations. This is not a shopping list of infrastructure projects.

Draft Instalments Policy

The Council intends to introduce an instalment policy, which will aid cash flow, viability and deliverability of development. Payment by instalments assists with the cashflow and viability of schemes, particularly on large schemes. Instalments are similar to the S106 'trigger approach', which allows the developer to receive money from selling part of the scheme in advance of paying the next tranche of CIL. Instalment policies do not affect the overall amount of CIL collected from a scheme. The viability assessment has assumed instalments. it must be noted that the instalments policy can be changed but must give notice.

If you would like any further information about CIL or the consultation process which took place:

The timetable for the CIL preparation

Key milestoneTimescale
1. Complete essential evidence
•    Infrastructure delivery plan
•    Whole plan viability study
2. Prepare preliminary draft charging schedule Completed
3. Cabinet decision 16 June 2016
4. Public consultation on Preferred Draft Charging Schedule 27 June to 8 August 2016
5. Amend charging schedule based on public consultation response Summer 2016
6. Cabinet decision on draft charging schedule 20 October 2016
7. Publish draft charging schedule for public consultation 31 -28 November 2016 for 4 weeks
8. Submit draft charging schedule for examination 7th July 2017
9. Examination hearings To be confirmed by Planning Inspectorate
10. Inspector's report To be confirmed by Planning Inspectorate
11. Adoption and implementation Dependant on examination process

Currently there is no CIL charge on development in Cotswold District. Outline planning applications approved before the CIL is adopted will not be charged.

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The Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule (now closed)

Before a Charging Schedule can be adopted by the Council it must be subject to two rounds of public consultation and an Examination in Public. This consultation is the first stage of the consultation process.

The Council has prepared a Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule (PDCS), which is the first stage of the process, along with supporting evidence base documents. The PDCS sets out the proposed charging rates for Cotswold District Council.

Consultation on the Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule took place between Monday 27 June and midnight on Monday 8 August 2016.

For more information on the Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule and the Community Infrastructure Levy please:

Cotswold District Council
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