Planning Performance Agreements

Planning Performance Agreements (PPAs) are agreements between a local planning authority and an applicant for a specific development proposal which identifies a defined shared vision, key milestones and timescales for the delivery of a planning decision. Planning Performance Agreements were originally known as Planning Delivery Agreements (PDAs).

Uses of Planning Performance Agreements

Central Government encourages the use of Planning Performance Agreements for larger and more complex major planning proposals to bring together the developer, the local planning authority and key stakeholders to work in partnership throughout the planning process.

Benefits of PPAs

The benefits of PPAs include:

  • better overall project management at pre-application, application and post-application stages (e.g. when dealing with conditions)
  • early identification of critical issues and improved quality of development
  • improved collaboration between all parties
  • agreeing and meeting more realistic and stricter timetables as a result of removal from the statutory deadlines
  • greater accountability and transparency

Creating a Planning Performance Agreement

If your proposal is considered to be a potential candidate for a PPA by the Planning Officer dealing with your initial request for pre-application advice, they will discuss this option with you, usually at the first meeting. 

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