Planning appeals

When you can appeal against a planning decision

You can appeal  -

  • because you have not received a decision on your planning (or related) application within a given time period. For most applications this is within 8 or 13 weeks; the relevant time period will be stated on the acknowledgement letter we send you when we receive your application. This is known as an appeal against non-determination. 
  • because you disagree with the Council's decision, either where the application has been refused or you disagree with the conditions that have been imposed on a planning permission.

Deadline for submitting an appeal

The deadline for submitting an appeal varies for different application types and can be found either on your application acknowledgement letter (appeal against non-determination) or on your decision letter. The appeal deadline for a householder application is 12 weeks, for most other applications it is 6 months. The Secretary of State can allow longer for you to lodge an appeal, but only in cases where there are special reasons.

How to appeal against a planning decision

  • Appeal online - You can make, track or comment on certain kinds of planning appeal online via the Planning Portal. When submitting an appeal online you must remember to send a copy of the completed form and any supporting documents to us. You can send this information to us by post or e-mail.
  • If you are unable to access the online appeal process you should contact the Planning Inspectorate on 0303 444 5000 or

PLEASE NOTE: Only applicants can appeal against a planning decision - objectors and other third parties cannot submit an appeal.

View ongoing appeals

It is possible to track the status of appeals online by using our Online Planning Register.


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