Planning enforcement

Reporting a potential planning breach

If you would like to report a potential enforcement matter to us please follow this procedure so we deal with the case as quickly and effectively as possible.

Step 1: check if there is a breach of planning control

You should check –

  • whether the activity needs planning permission or another relevant consent, e.g. by looking at the Planning Portal, which provides useful information on what types of development require consent.
  • whether the activity already has planning permission or another relevant consent, e.g. by using our online planning register
  • whether the activity is in line with an existing permission and the conditions attached to that permission, e.g. by using our online planning register and viewing the appropriate planning permission.

Step 2: report the breach or enforcement matter to the Council

If urgent action is needed, for example where works are actually taking place that could lead to:

  • harm to a listed building,
  • the felling of a protected tree,
  • a significant health risk or
  • danger to the public.

Please phone us as soon as possible.

To report a non urgent breach or any other enforcement matter please:

When you report a potential enforcement matter, please provide us with as much detail as possible, including:

  • the address/location of the site,
  • the nature and extent of the perceived breach,
  • details of the impact of the works/development on you and on the local area,
  • the date when the works started,
  • the names of any parties (e.g. site owner, tree contractor, builder),
  • photographs of the works,
  • reference number of any relevant planning permissions,
  • your name and contact details.

Your name and contact details will not be given to anyone else, including the person or company about whom you have complained.

Investigation of reported possible planning breaches

We will investigate your complaint and decide whether to take any action. This action could range from “do nothing”, for example where there is no breach of planning control, to prosecution, for example where significant unauthorised works have been carried out to a listed building. 

If you would like to know the progress on or the outcome of our investigations and assessment, please contact us - but remember these cases can take months to be fully resolved.

Our enforcement work is guided by the Council’s Local Enforcement Plan (2018).

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