Biodiversity & planning policy

Cotswold District Council, as a Local Planning Authority, has a major role in ensuring that new developments conserve and enhance the biodiversity of the district, which supports a wealth of important habitats, species and sites. 

Information about European and national legislation is available from the Joint Nature Conservation Committee.

National Legislation, Guidance and Policies

The need to conserve and enhance biodiversity is endorsed by the Government in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)

The key sections in the NPPF related to biodiversity/nature conservation policy are

  • The ministerial foreword
  • The presumption in favour of sustainable development  (paras. 6 - 16)
  • The core planning principles (para. 17)
  • Requiring good design (paras. 56 - 68)
  • Meeting the challenge of climate change, flooding and coastal change (paras. 93 - 108)
  • Conserving and enhancing the Natural Environment (para. 109 - 119)
  • Light pollution (para. 125)
  • Conserving and enhancing the historic environment (paras. 126 - 141)
  • Local Plan (paras. 156 - 158; 165 - 167; 180;

Additional guidance is provided in Government Circular Circular 06/05 .  

Local Plan Policies

The key policy is:

Policy 9:    Biodiversity, geology and geomorphology

 Other relevant policies include:

  • Policy 2:    Renewable Energy
  • Policy 10:  Trees, Woodlands and Hedgerows
  • Policy 14:  Conversion of historic agricultural buildings of traditional design
  • Policy 42:  Cotswold Design Code 
  • Policy 45:  Landscaping in new development
  • Policy UT1:  Cotswold Water Park

Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG)and documents

These can be downloaded from our Planning Policy FAQs web-page.

  • Cotswold Water Park (1999)  This SPG zones the Cotswold Water Park into areas in which different types of development are or are not appropriate. 
  • Cotswold Design Code (2000)  This SPG provides information for owners and developers on various aspects of building design in Cotswold District. 
  • Cirencester Town Centre (2008)
  • Cotswolds AONB Management Plan  This plan is not formal supplementary planning guidance but is endorsed by the Council.  It was adopted by the Cotswolds Conservation Board in 2013.

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