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Helping you to vote - disabled access and information

At Cotswold District Council we want to ensure that the electoral process is as accessible to as many people as possible. This page outlines some of the resources available and the steps we are taking to ensure a wide range of accessibility needs are met. 

If you would like to receive information in a different language, or if you have any questions about accessibility, please contact our elections team by emailing or calling 01285 623002.

Registering to vote

You can register to vote online, by completing a paper form or over the telephone:

To register you will need:

  • Your date of birth 
  • Your National Insurance number 
  • Your nationality 
  • Your last previous address (if applicable)

There are easy to read, plain text and audio guides to help you with registering to vote below.

Postal voting

You may wish to apply for a postal vote. If you would like to vote by post, you can apply online here: or contact our office by email or phone 01285 623002 and we can get an application form sent to you in the post. 

Proxy voting

You may wish to appoint a proxy to vote on your behalf. This can be a permanent proxy vote or one just for a specific election. 

If you would like to vote by proxy, you can apply online here:

If you are unable to download or print, please contact our office by email or phone 01285 623002 to request a hardcopy to be sent out to you. 

At the polling station

If you are voting in person at a polling station your allocated station will be listed on your poll card letter, which you will receive in the post.

Accessibility at polling stations

  • Our polling stations are all wheelchair accessible either through flat level access, a ramp or with help from the Presiding Officer
  • All stations have a wheelchair accessible polling booth
  • Assistance dogs are welcome

If you would like any further information on a specific polling station, please contact our elections team by email or phone 01285 623002.

All polling stations across the district will have the following items:

  • a large print ballot paper 
  • chairs will be provided for anyone who needs to sit whilst they wait to cast their vote or after voting
  • handheld ballot paper magnifiers
  • low level polling booths for wheelchair access
  • pencils will be available with a rubber grip to help anyone with a writing disability like arthritis (you may also bring your own pen/pencil)
  • tactile voting device which has braille and embossed numbers that correlate to the ballot papers
  • trained staff who will be identifiable with name badges – who can offer assistance
  • we encourage voters to bring and use their own personal aids to see and read the ballot paper easier, which could be on your mobile phone or other electronic device

If you require additional support when voting you may bring a companion over the age of 18 or ask the Presiding Officer. They will need to fill out a separate form in the polling station.

What other people can do

  • Assist you moving around the polling station
  • Read out the candidates’ names and parties on the ballot paper in order
  • Explain the voting options to you
  • Use their knowledge of your communication methods to understand who you want to vote for
  • Come into the polling booth with you
  • Mark the ballot paper with your decision if you permit them to do so

What other people can’t do

  • Decide for you on who to vote for
  • Mark the ballot paper against your wishes
  • Stop you from voting because you have a disability or require additional support

If you need any further support, please get in to contact and we will assist in any way we can by emailing or phoning 01285 623002. Write to Elections team, Cotswold District Council, Trinity Road, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7 1PX.

If you are voting at a polling station, you will need to bring Photographic ID please see here for more information.

Easy to read guides

Audio guide to voter ID

British Sign Language videos

BSL - How to register to vote
A British Sign Language video

BSL - What ID can I use to vote
A British Sign Language video

BSL - Applying for a Voter Authority Certificate
A British Sign Language video

BSL - What will happen at the Polling Station
A British Sign Language video

Royal National Institute of Blind People guide to voting

RNIB - Voting and elections: what you need to know
A guide to voting from the Royal National Institute of Blind People