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Waste collection day changes 2024

Cotswold District Council is making important changes to improve the efficiency of the waste and recycling service it delivers to residents.

Under the changes 60% of households in Cotswold district will receive their collections on a different day and/or on a different week.

This change took effect from the week commencing Monday 24 June 2024.

We are writing directly to those households that will be impacted by these changes to advise what this means for them and to advise them of their new collection dates.

If you do not receive anything in the post from us your collections will not be changing, and you should continue to put your waste containers out on your usual collection day by 7am.

We are not changing any other part of the waste and recycling services we provide.

You can check if your collections are changing or not using the online address look up below.

If you receive an assisted collection, please continue to leave your containers in their usual place ready for crews to collect.

Check your bin day

Frequently Asked Questions

How will you communicate with those households which are changing?

Households that are changing will receive an introductory flyer in the post from us before the end of May. This will be followed up with an explanatory letter and a new waste calendar which should arrive by 13 June.

I haven’t received any information – what should I do?

We are only writing to households that are having a waste collection day and/or week change.

If you received an introductory flyer at the end of May and have not received your new waste calendar and letter by 13 June, please contact us. You can email us at: or call us on 01285 623000 between 9am and 2pm (Monday to Friday).

If you have received no introductory flyer or follow up calendar from us, your collection day should not be changing. You can check if this is correct for your property using the address look up tool on this page.

If your property is listed on the look up tool as having a change, but you've not received any information in the post from us by 13 June, please get in touch as soon as possible. 

Properties that are not changing should continue to follow their normal collection day schedule.

Why are you changing my collections?

The number of households requiring a waste and recycling service continues to grow. We periodically review our collection rounds to make sure we continue to meet this demand in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

The new round reorganisation is projected to deliver cost-savings of £375k in the current budget year (2024/25) with annual savings of £500k annually thereafter. These savings will help us protect other vital services.

The changes are also predicted to reduce the overall mileage of the waste and recycling fleet so will also bring some carbon-saving benefits.

My scheduled collection has been missed. What should I do?

To help us return to your property promptly, please report any missed collections to us as soon as possible after 4pm on the day of your collection and by no later than two working days after the miss.

Report a missed collection:

Whether you are changing collection day or not, please be aware that crews may get to you later in the day than you are used to so please have your containers out by 7am.

Collections may also take a little longer than normal while crews familiarise themselves with the new collection routes in the first few weeks.

I receive an assisted collection. Do I need to do anything new?

Crews know which properties on their round receive an assisted collection. Please continue to leave your containers in your usual place ready for crews to collect.

My collection day hasn’t changed. Why do I need to put my bins out by 7am?

Collections in the district start from 7am daily so regardless of whether you are having a day change or not, all households need to put their containers out by 7am on the morning of their scheduled collection (unless receiving an assisted collection).

Due to the configuration of the new rounds, crews may get to your property earlier or later in the day even if your collection days aren’t changing. Your collections may now be made by a different crew.  

My neighbour’s collection is changing but I’ve not received any information.

Not all properties will be affected by the collection day change. If a neighbour nearby is changing, this does not automatically mean that the collection day or week is changing for your property. We will be writing to all households affected by this change however, you can check if you're collections are going to change by using the 'check your collection day' look up.

Are you changing the frequency of my collections?

No. Once the collection day change has taken place, services will be provided on the same frequency as before the change (i.e. weekly food waste collections and fortnightly collections for recycling, refuse and garden waste).

Can I put out extra waste?

During the transition many households will have a shorter wait for their next main waste collection of rubbish, recycling, food waste (and garden waste if subscribed) so are not expected to have extra waste.

We will not be able to collect extra waste from those households that are having their main waste collection delayed only by a day or two. If this applies to your household, you can maximise space in your recycling bags by squashing your plastic bottles, drinks cans and cartons, and by cutting down any cardboard. Recycling can also be taken to one of our recycling sites. Find your nearest banks:

Residents with additional rubbish, recycling and garden waste can also book to visit one of Gloucestershire County Council’s Household Recycling Centres:

Households that have to wait longer than 12 working days between their last and first main waste collection will be offered an additional collection for their refuse, recycling (and garden waste if subscribed) to help them with the transition. If you are eligible for the additional collection details will be provided in the letter you receive in your information pack which will be with you before 13 June 2024.


Why are you not collecting food waste for those properties eligible for the additional collection?

As food waste is collected weekly, households will receive a food waste collection during the week commencing 17 June and a collection during the week commencing 24 June, even if this collection now takes place on a different day.

I receive a clinical waste collection. Will this change?

No. Clinical waste collections are provided by a third party so are not impacted by these changes. Please put your yellow clinical sacks out for collection as you would normally.