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Premises licence for gambling

You will need a premises licence if you are planning to provide the following types of gambling:

  • casino premises
  • bingo premises
  • betting premises, including tracks
  • adult gaming centres
  • family entertainment centres

You can make an application for a premises licence if:

  • you have the right to occupy the premises
  • you have, or have applied for, an operator's licence, operator's licences are issued by the Gambling Commission
  • you are over 18 years of age

Under the Gambling Act 2005 we are required to prepare a Statement of Principles every three years. The Statement (which may also be referred to as a policy) can be reviewed and re-published during the three year period in which it has effect.

Apply for a gambling premises licence

Complete and return the application form. Full details of the fees are available to download.

What happens next

After submitting your application you must advertise your application at the premises for 28 days (see guidance notes in the application pack for further details).

After the 28 day consultation period has expired, if no representations have been received then the licence is granted.  We will issue the licence shortly after.

If we receive a representation from a responsible authority or interested party then the application may need to be considered by the licensing sub-committee. A hearing will be arranged within 20 working days after the end of the representation period.