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Flood reports and reviews

Please see the following documents about flooding in Cotswold District:

Parish flood defence updates for Cotswold District Council

For the list of parishes that have either had flood defence work completed since 2007 or have work planned or both please see:

For location maps of the flood defence updates please select the parish or town from the list below

Download flood defence update location maps

Flood alleviation project reports

Churn Flood Risk Management Strategy

The Environment Agency has developed the Churn Flood Risk Management Strategy (CFRMS). This is a plan for managing flood risk from main rivers in the Churn river catchment.

The CFRMS covers a 100-year period to 2108 and sets out a sustainable way of managing flood risk along the River Churn, allowing for the predicted impacts of climate change. This document is the five year review of the CFRMS and is available on this page under 'Downloads'

Minutes of parish flood meetings