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Planning committee

The Planning Committee meets to decide on large or complex planning applications. Any comments made about applications will be discussed during these meetings. Most decisions are made by planning officers who consult with councillors. You can find out more about the process in our scheme of delegation:

Meetings take place in Council Chambers, Cirencester. You can view the dates of future meetings and find out which councillors are on the committee.

Speaking at Planning Committee meetings

You can speak at a meeting on any planning application and will get three minutes to present your comments. Speaking on enforcement cases is not allowed.

To speak at a meeting please contact us by 12 noon the last working day before the meeting. Email or call 01285 623000.

After you have been given permission to speak at the meeting you will need to send a copy of your representation to or bring a paper copy to the meeting. This makes sure that we have a record of what you said.

Read more about the process and what you can say at the meeting:

Meeting minutes, agendas and reports

We will publish agendas and reports five working days in advance of the meeting. You can view current and previous reports, minutes and agendas.