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Reported missed collections

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Cirencester - Organic - Cherrytree Drive, Foxglove Close, Bluebell Drive, The Green, The Glade, Primrose Way
Siddington - Church Avenue, The Common


South Cerney - Ham Lane, Broadway Court, Broadway House

Some recycling and organic collections scheduled for today, 17 April, have been missed due to vehicle capacity issues and breakdowns. Crews will return to collect from these areas on 18 April.

Please leave your containers kerbside. If your containers have not been collected by 4pm on 18 April please call 01285 623000 or complete the missed collection report below.

Reporting a missed bin

If there are no reports of problems affecting your area, before reporting your missed collection please check that:

  • You presented the correct containers for this week's collection (check your collection day)
  • Your containers were presented kerbside by 7am (the lid firmly closed on any wheeled bin)
  • No side waste was presented
  • Your garden waste bin has a valid licence with the lid firmly closed
  • The correct recyclables have been presented with no contaminants

Report missed collection



There are no current reported problems. 


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