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Cabinet roles and responsibilities

Cabinet members pictured distanced in a line

Role of a cabinet member

Cabinet members are responsible for:

  • leading on developing council policy and make recommendations to the Cabinet
  • providing guidance to the Cabinet on running activities
  • giving guidance to the Cabinet on budget priorities
  • monitoring performance and make sure policy is delivered
  • leading on improving council services
  • making sure that activities meet the council's overall vision, core values and guiding principles
  • contributing to debate and decision-making
  • working with councillors who are not members of the cabinet, members of the opposition and officers to make sure that the overview and scrutiny process works correctly
  • appearing before and responding to overview and scrutiny committee reports
  • representing the council at a national and local level

Each cabinet member is the spokesperson for the policy area or 'portfolio' they are responsible for.

Joe Harris - Leader of the Council

Councillor Joe Harris

Portfolio responsibilities

  • Overall COVID-19 recovery
  • Policy framework including the corporate plan
  • Coordination of executive functions
  • Democratic Services
  • Communications
  • Customer experience
  • Publica
  • Democratic Renewal and Consultation
  • Civic Pride (street signs, street cleaning and litter picking)

Mike Evemy - Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Finance

Councillor Mike Evemy

Portfolio responsibilities

  • Financial strategy and management
  • Revenue and benefits
  • Property and asset management
  • Car parking operations
  • Grants
  • Cotswold Water Park

Rachel Coxcoon - Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Forward Planning

Councillor Rachel Coxcoon

Portfolio responsibilities

  • Climate change and energy planning
  • Sustainable transport
  • Strategic forward planning
  • Local plan
  • Community Infrastructure Levy and Section 106
  • Allowable solutions

Jenny Forde - Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing

Councillor Jenny Forde

Portfolio responsibilities

  • COVID-19 response
  • Public health, wellbeing and mental health
  • Improving social mobility
  • Tackling social isolation
  • Crime, disorder and safety
  • Supporting and safeguarding people
  • Leisure, museums and culture
  • Support for community events (Stow Fair,
  • Phoenix Festival, Fleece Fair, Moreton Show etc.)

Lisa Spivey - Cabinet Member for Housing and Homelessness

Councillor Lisa Spivey

Portfolio responsibilities

  • Tackling homelessness and improving housing security
  • Delivery of social rented homes
  • Support for small housing developers and community
  • land trusts
  • Promotion of self-build and system-build housing
  • Strategic oversight of tenure and housing needs assessment
  • Liaison with housing developers
  • Housing Benefit and Universal Credit

Andrew Doherty - Cabinet Member for the Environment, Waste and Recycling

Councillor Andrew Doherty

Portfolio responsibilities

  • Waste and recycling
  • Flooding
  • Public protection
  • Food safety
  • Building control
  • Cemeteries
  • Noise and public nuisance
  • Public toilets

Tony Dale - Cabinet Member for the Economy and Skills

Councillor Tony Dale

Portfolio responsibilities

  • Local Enterprise Partnership and county-wide
  • partnerships
  • Economic development and COVID-19 economic
  • recovery
  • Council commercialisation
  • Internal council transformation
  • Tourism and Visitor Information Centres
  • Chamber of Commerce liaison
  • Young people

Clive Webster - Cabinet Member for the Planning Department, Town and Parish Councils

Councillor Clive Webster

Portfolio responsibilities

  • Town and Parish Council Liaison
  • Development management
  • Heritage and design management
  • Landscape conservation
  • Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • (AONB)
  • Neighbourhood Development Plans