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What to put in your recycling boxes and bags

Your recycling will be collected every two weeks.

Please make sure your bin is out by 7am on the day of collection.

Glass: recycling box one

You can recycle glass bottles and jars in one of your recycling boxes.

Please do not recycle broken glass, glasses and tumblers, light bulbs or fluorescent tubes, toughened glass

Plastic and tins: white bag

You can recycle tins, cans, empty aerosols, clean foil, plastic bottles, tubs, punnets, pots and trays using your white bag.

Please do not recycle crisp packets, animal food pouches, clingfilm, takeaway coffee cups.

Paper: recycling box two

Use your second recycling box for paper.

You can recycle paper, envelopes, catalogues, newspapers and magazines, plain wrapping paper with no foil or glitter. Put any shredded paper inside a paper bag or envelope.

Please do not recycle cartons or plastic wrappers. Cardboard needs to go in the blue bag.

Cardboard: blue bag

Use your blue bag to recycle cardboard

You can recycle brown, white and corrugated card, and any greetings cards which don’t have ribbon or glitter on them.

Please remove any packaging tape from the cardboard before recycling it.